Geomerx provides a rich set of features designed to help small restaurant groups and chains increase sales by providing complete control over your site's look and feel.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I present my own menu and restaurant philosophy on a branded Geomerx site?
Yes. The Geomerx system functions as a complete website. Get "best in class" online ordering and the ability to inform your customers and site visitors about your food, your menu, your history and your restaurant ambiance. No one does it better!
A lot of my customers use smart phones and tablets. Do Geomerx sites work for mobile devices?
Your Geomerx website is automatically enabled for smart phone and tablet browsers. Don't miss an order or opportunity for business in the mobile age.
How will a Geomerx site increase my check average through online ordering?
Whet the appetite of your customers with pictures of your food and unique upsell features to increase check average. Menu presentation and simple navigation enhance the customer experience with features for favorite orders and all past orders available for view by your customers.
I have a pretty large menu that changes throughout the day. Is it easy to manage it on the website?
With a few simple clicks you can manage product categories and individual products so that your online menu is always up to date. Our powerful system puts you in control of your menu, pricing and product images. You can even show different products throughout the day, from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, so that your customers have a personalized experience with your restaurant brand. And our wizards enable multi unit chains to manage menus and pricing quickly and easily.
We have a pretty busy restaurant and not a lot of extra time. How easy is it to make item and price changes?
Need to make global price changes? It's easy with our Geomanager Wizards, which lets you change the names, prices, even availability on entire product categories with the click of a mouse. It's easy, fast, and convenient.
Our menu is very diverse, with lots of options. Can I specify menu item modifiers for each product?
Yes. Put your modifiers in any order you want and control the number that can be selected for any item. Simply add a new flavor of bread to all sandwiches with the click of a mouse. In addition, our system provides unlimited modifiers for products and lets you control quantities. Easily set up a three-topping pizza or build-your-own salad while controlling all modifiers for your menu items.
Our restaurant chain does a lot of catering. Can the Geomerx system handle delivery, takeout and catering orders?
Using our catering component, you can set up separate parameters for minimums, service charge or delivery charges. Catering items are automatically kept separate in the shopping cart from regular order to eliminate confusion by the customer and at the restaurant.
Once my site is set up, how can I drive customers to it with automatic, customized email blasts?
Our opt-in/opt-out email management system allows you to send automatic emails of your daily, weekly or seasonal specials. Keep your customers informed of menu changes automatically — just set it and forget it!
Can I create separate information pages on my site telling customers about our story, locations, hours, etc.?
Yes. You can display nutrition information, "about us" pages, contact information and feedback forms to help your customers get the information they need about your food and restaurant.
Who owns the data on my website?
You do! All the data on your website is accessible via a Download Wizard that restaurant owners can use to access all customer information including email addresses, past orders, sales and menu data.

From start to finish, Geomerx helped us automate our Citrix online in-house cafeteria and catering ordering system. We're very happy with the results. "

author Cypress Cafe